Friday, June 24, 2011


This was written for Beth's blog, The One-Minute Writer.
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It's not often that I reward myself,
Mostly because I don't feel that I've done anything worth a reward.
But when I do have that wonderful sense of accomplishment,
I take a moment to finally sit down,
Read a book,
Work on my novel,
Hug my cats,
Or watch my favorite show.
On the occasions where my husband feels I am not properly acknowledging an accomplishment,
He will take it upon himself to reward me,
With a night out with him;
A date for just the two of us.
And I think I like those the best.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Reason

Maybe it's because I've been so lonely lately,

But he's been there a whole lot more than usual.

I find that he wants hugs more often,

And that he even turns off the tv in favor of helping me make dinner.

I hear his loving whispers all during the day,

Even when he isn't nearby.

Maybe it's because my 22nd birthday was recently,

But he spent a lot of time thinking of me.

I came home from work to find he had custom built me some shelving,

And I was asked to dress up for a surprise dinner out to Texas de Brazil.

We spent the evening enjoying good food,

Each other's company and even a trip through an outdoor mall.

Maybe it's because of the stress I've been though,

But he's been much more considerate the past month or so.

He continuously tells me that we will conceive when the time is right,

That it is not my fault and should be optimistic.

When I ask him why he does all these things for me,

His answer is always the same.

The reason is because it's you,

Because you need it,

Because you love it,

And because I love you.