Saturday, July 2, 2011


As of yesterday, July 1st, I have the amazing privilege of being pregnant and knowing about it!
I have yet to set up any doctor's visits or even tell my own mother about it (I'll be doing that tomorrow!),
But I am so excited!
July 1st would have marked the start of the 6th month without results since we have started trying.
I had been dreading July 1st for that reason.
I had started to feel a little bit let down.
But now I'm very excited!
My husband is a little more worried than excited, but I can understand that, since he's the finance man.
My worries are miniscule in comparison.
'What color will the walls be?'
'Will it be a girl? I hope so!'
'When are we going to get furniture?!'
I have so many things to dream up and so many beautiful ideas running through my head!

Also, while I'm thinking about it, I have been having a horrid time thinking up middle names.
(Yes, I already have names picked out. Don't laugh.)
But for a girl, the first name will be Isis.
There's no getting out of that for her, because I've loved that name for years now.
For a middle name for Isis, I'm leaning towards Marie, though I love Aveline too.
If it's a boy, the first name will be Ronald.
It wouldn't be my choice, but my husband asked that we name our son after his grandfather.
I agreed, but now I can't come up with anything good for a middle name.
I want it to flow well, but still be awesome, since he'd be going by his middle name anyway.

I don't know...
What do you think about the names?