Friday, April 8, 2011

The Cycle Continues

She spends her days alone, content to be with her paintings and dreams.

He wanders the world aimlessly, searching for meaning.

She doesn't realize there was a hole in her heart until the day they meet.

He takes it upon himself to make a move towards friendship, while wishing for more.

Her days of painting and dreaming are soon distracted by his sweet smile.

His travels come to a halt as he pushes to grow closer to her.

Her heart melts as he whispers, "I love you."

His face glows with happiness when she first tells him, "Love you."

Her awareness of the world's reality around her expands each passing day with him.

His heart softens and begins to imagine and dream more often with her by his side.

She begins to wonder after years of peace, and decides to travel.

He has become settled and no longer wishes for a troublesome lifestyle.

She argues that he's holding her back; that they had dreams together at one point.

He complains that she made him crave this stability; that their dreams are no longer one in the same.

She packs her things, ready for a new life and experiences.

He stands at the door as she prepares to leave, seemingly unaffected emotionally by her decision.

She turns to leave, and, with one quick glance back, whispers, "Love you."

He closes the door and leans against it with heavy-lidded eyes, silently saying to her, "I love you."

She spends her days alone, feeling that her dreams and adventures are lacking something important.

He wanders through his home, alone again, wishing he hadn't let his dreams walk away.

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