Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's awful, I know...but it makes me happy.

I raise my glass to you, Sir.

I commend you for not only being able to stand tall and proud, but for also truly believing the lies spewing from your overindulgent mouth.

It's more than clear that you have no idea what you speak of.

But to boldly take a stand before so many others who know you are wrong?

That takes strength.

That takes courage.

I love that your each and every mannerism shout how you are perfectly right.

And when you are confronted with true facts that tear down everything you've said before?

What better way to handle the problem than to bully your opponent?

Somewhere along the way, you realized that it doesn't matter what you do to others.

It doesn't matter what you say either, so long as you have that charming smile.

And let's not forget about your oh so luminescent personality!

You, sir?

You are a champion.

You are a star.

You are perfect.

And that's why, dear sir, when I turned you down on your offer for the night, I grinned madly and walked away.

Because not only are you an idiot, you are a charming, high on self-esteem idiot.

Oh yes.

Not to mention that the man you tried to bully because you were backed into a corner?

That was my husband.


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