Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Through The Years


i love you

you mean the world to me

stay with me

i'm sorry


it's been too long 

i love you still

will you dance with me

i don't mean to intrude

i just want to see you smile

i'm sorry



i love you y'know

your smile is amazing

meet me later for a drink

is your life fulfilled

it's not that i think you're sad

I miss you

i don't understand why you are still avoiding this

i'm sorry


how have you been

years have gone by and you're still as beautiful as before

did you create this

i enjoy talking with you

come to the river with me

it's just to visit

i'm sorry


hello again friend

life is well i hope

it's strange to see you here

you haven't changed at all

excitement is always easy to find

i'm sorry


oh it's you

i'm still alone

i don't want you to think i'm pressuring you

it won't just be me at the party

i wish you'd spend more time with me than you do


i miss you 

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