Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Party Rock

where are you is all the text reads.

Your chest is pounding as the music reverberates through your entire being.

find me, lover boy is my response text.

"Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.

You aren't even near the dance floor yet,

But your feet are already moving slightly to the beat.

You know I'll be on the dance floor,

But it's been at least five years since we last saw each other.

How do you know it's me and not another girl losing herself to the music?

You scan the crowd,

Searching the smiling faces all around you as you weave through the dancers.

Numerous times you find yourself pulled into an embrace by a random girl,

You wink and dance for a moment,

Eventually pulling away to search the crowd again.

You find me.

I'm in perfect synchronization with another girl,

My best friend,

The only other person who knows my "regular routine" to this song.

We have thrown ourselves into this song,

Moving to the beat with abandon,

Barely even noticing there's anyone other than ourselves on the dance floor.

You reach for me,

Brushing your fingertips against my back,

Pulling me back to earth.

It takes all of two seconds,

And then you and I are in sync,

No longer following my routine,

But melding two separate moves into one routine.

Before we know it,

The music has faded,

And a new song has begun.

I'm in your arms.

You're taking deep breaths,

Grinning as you stare into my eyes.

We end on a kiss,

One long overdue.


  1. LOVE IT!! this one definitely sounds like me

  2. I love this, as someone who loves to dance and lose myself in the music I really appreciate this song, especially how she ends up losing herself in him.